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Welcome to, a hub for fansites and fanlistings dedicated to the collection of games set in the realm of Ivalice. Ivalice has always been my favorite setting in the entire Final Fantasy series, and this collective is my way of showing some love for it. This domain is partnered with If you have any questions or comments about this collective, feel free to leave them in the guestbook!

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7 august 2022

I've opened a fanlisting for Final Fantasy Tactics! Check it out here. I've also cleaned out the links list and added notes on my future plans.

For all updates related to and its sites, you can view the category at the update blog.


I currently run a number of sites for Ivalice-related subjects, divided by category.


Winds of Change ∗ Final Fantasy XII

A massive dedication to my favorite game of all time. Includes detailed gameplay tips, a look at every major character in the game, fanlisting, and a full HD screencap gallery.


the zodiac brave story ∗ tactics

the forgotten hero ∗ ramza beoulve

the uncommon king ∗ delita heiral

pirate without a sky ∗ balthier

awaken ∗ ashe

children's games ∗ Tactics Advance

risk zero ∗ Vagrant Story


class select ∗ job clique

about was registered in 2012, but didn't open until I moved my Ivalice sites over here in 2013. Though I'm a huge fan of the Final Fantasy series in general, the Ivalice games have long been my favorite, probably owing to the fact that I started with FFTA and I absolutely love tactical gameplay. I also love the indepth storylines of Tactics and XII, to the point that they're among my favorite games of all time.

My future plans for this domain are to expand my fanlistings into fansites, but when that'll happen is anyone's guess. I'm waiting on a rerelease of Final Fantasy Tactics to play it again, but when that happens you can expect a site in short order. (Please don't make me wait too long, Square!) I have a few pages done for the FFTA site, but I need to replay the game to refresh my memory, so that'll be a while as well. Winds of Change is also in need of tidying; I just haven't gotten around to it.

The current layout features art by maeka, who was kind enough to grant permission for me to use it. I'm very grateful! The artwork features characters from all of the Ivalice games, so it was very fitting for this domain. You can find more of maeka's art on pixiv. I also used textures by lostandtaken and sweettasteofbitter.

Unfortunately, there just aren't that many Ivalice sites around these days. These are the ones I do know about, and if you're aware of any more, please drop me a line so I can add a link. Otherwise, if you'd like to link back here, feel free to use this button. Button donations are always welcome!

Final Fantasy Tactics
General: Corpse Brigade

Final Fantasy XII
Balthier: Boundless
Gabranth: Dissonant
Fran, Jote, & Mjrn: Sisterwood
Reks: Galbana Lily
Zalera: Deadly Scream

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